Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Remembering Peter Puck

There has been recent talk about educating non-hockey fans into the intricacies of the game. Techniques to educate both the uninformed without insulting current fans can be a difficult issue. Not talking down to hockey fans while presenting information in an informative manner can be tricky, according to hockey talk on NHL Live!...The issue of Peter Puck came up...

I remember Peter Puck very fondly from my younger days while watching Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. He was in black and white and always presented information in an entertaining and educational manner. He was on the scoreboard during intermission and breaks during live hockey games at the Joe in Detroit. Just loved watching Peter Puck!...great..:)

There's a modernized version of Peter Puck on during some NHL Network games, I believe it's during Hockey Night in Canada games. The character (Peter Puck) is in color, though. Plus, I remember his legs and arms being connected to the puck itself via thin lines. I hope I'm remembering correctly. Now...his extremities are disengaged, or not connected. Oh well...It's not the same thing, but a sign of the times. Information is presented well and I can see how non-hockey fans can learn from it.

Just remembering Peter Puck and smiling while doing it. :) Hope other hockey fans enjoy it as well.

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