Friday, November 19, 2010

What a Game! and other updates...

Hoping others had a chance to see last night's game between Tampa Bay Lightning and Philadelphia Flayers. WOW!!!! I turned the game on and before I knew it...bam! Score...5 seconds later the opposing team ...BAM! SCORE! By the end of the first period the score was 5-4. Ending score: 8-7 TPA. NHL on the Fly stated it was the highest-scoring game since 1998. The game was addicting. I stopped doing everything else and just sat in front of the tv, mesmerized by what was going on. Just great....:) Steven Stamkos scored a hat trick. He's on a definite winning streak. What fun! I missed not seeing the ice covered with hats. (The game was in PHI) I would cheer for an opposing team member's hat trick. What's up with that?

More info...Sean Avery seems to be back to his old tricks. Last week, he took a cheap, unnecessary shot at an opponent. (I don't remember who). I don't care how much “Anger Management” someone goes though, if the person is selfish...they're selfish. Avery is a selfish player. It's too bad, also. Once he sticks to playing hockey, he's a good player.

The Lightning have been fun to watch. Having Stevie Y with the team, will – no doubt – be to the team's benefit. The team will turn into a success. There are numerous, skilled players of both veteran and beginning levels who will be gelled into a winning team.

The first half of the season is a time for developing lines and seeing what works best. Games are fun to watch, but the season doesn't really kick into gear until my opinion...

OK....enough for now. Have a good one!

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