Friday, October 22, 2010

NHL Happenings Update

Different issues to cover:

Rick Rypien, Vancouver Canucks, just received a six game suspension for his altercation with a fan. Plus, the Canucks organization were fined $25,000. Personally, I believe the six games is not enough. There is no excuse for physical contact between a professional athlete and a fan. Professional athletes are held to a higher level.

Martin Brodeur has earned his 112th career shutout. Kudos!

And...I'm still thinking about the on-ice fight between Pavel Datsyuk and Corey Perry the first week of this season. Datsyuk, a 4-time Lady Byng recipient, stood his own and then some. It was fun to see him take down the "bully" Perry. Perry and the Ducks have a reputation for being physical. The announcers stated that the Ducks try to take down foreign players. And..who else but the "gentle" Datsyuk? It's always entertaining, in my opinion, to see someone stand up against the Ducks. And...Datsyuk did just that. The repeat clips never get old. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

It's Here!

The new NHL season has started! It was great fun watching the preseason games. It's always interesting to watch young players trying to earn a spot in the line up. It's also fun to watch veterans mesh with new teammates.

I find it so pleasurable to watch new players develop into higher caliber players. No matter how successful they were at the junior level, there's still room for improvement. How players gain muscle mass and strength, for some reason, sparks my curiousity. It's inspiring. It's also fun to watch a player swing (for lack of a better word) his stick and miss the puck. That's not something you see everyday once the real season starts. :)

What was most surprising, though, was how veteran player Bill Guerin was not signed to PHI. Interesting...

So, as the new season starts.....GO WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!! There was talk about what number Mike Modano would wear. He was number 9 with the Stars for all those years. 9 is retired by the belongs to Gordie Howe. 19 is belongs to Steve Yzerman. So...Mike Modano's number is ..90. Cool..:)

Once again....GO WINGS!!!!