Wednesday, July 7, 2010

MTL V PHI 1976 Stanley Cup Final

Just got done watching Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final between Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers. It's part of the “35 Years of Stanley Cup...” on the NHL Network.

Among many post-game interviews held in the MTL locker room, the Conn Smythe was award to R. Leach. Leach played for PHI. That was fun to see.

Scotty Bowman coached MTL. It was his second Stanley Cup championship in three years. In fact, after the series ended, the announcers stated...”It's been three years since Montreal won the Stanley Cup. It's overdue.” Good one...:)

While watching the game, there was Ken Dryden standing in his now famous pose. It was too cool to watch. It was fun watching all the “legends of the game” playing.

It was really nice seeing only one microphone being used during the post-game interview. There was only one interviewer, also. How nice is that? The interviews were friendly, relaxed and very pleasant to watch and listen to. It was like watching a personal conversation between a player and the media person. All players greeted the interviewer by his name, also. Nice. It was easy to get a sense about the player's personality. It was nothing like the current forced, intrusive interviews done by the media. Nothing.

Kudos to the NHL Network for putting this programming together. Too cool...

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