Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Hockey Withdrawal-NHL Live!

First there is the withdrawal that occurs when the Stanley Cup celebration ends. Then, there's the withdrawal that occurs when NHL Live! goes on hiatus until September. That happened today, July 2 of 2010.

The show has been great the past few weeks since the original hosts, Don LaGreca and EJ Hradek, were were both participating. Their hockey knowledge is phenomenal and totally impressive. How they remember things that happened years ago is amazing to me.

The show provides a great insight into the personalities of players, coaches and others involved in hockey. It's fun to see NHL pros during games after hearing or seeing them on NHL Live! It gives a different perspective. Everyone has the common thread of loving the sport of hockey. It's just too cool to witness that passion. Even though I may complain at times about Eddie O talking too much during his color announcing of games, on NHL Live! ...he's fantastic. He provides tons of insight and information. And..he's entertaining.

NHL Live! is where I learned about Jerry Bruckenheimer being a huge hockey fan. I thought it was cool to learn that. :) (He's from Detroit.) What was even cooler, though is how he discussed the fact there was “too much talking during the television broadcasts”. WOOHOO!! He won a coveted NHL Live! Award earlier today for being the best celebrity on the show during the year. (I can't remember the award title). Which reminds me...

NHL Live! Is where us listeners were introduced to the off-ice Ken Hitchcock, an experienced coach. Wow.. He's a wealth of knowledge and totally fun to listen to. He liked to tease Don LaGreca about his wardrobe. That was always entertaining.

NHL Live! Is where I learned that the salary cap is based upon the year's revenues. I didn't know that before. I find that interesting for some reason.

There was an Awards Show during the last half hour of the show today. Such fun and purely entertaining. A regular contributor to the show is a caller named Jimmy. He gave an acceptance speech when he won the “Best Caller Award”. lol Golda Meier and Vanna White were up for the Best Female Host, but Deb Placey won. Earlier in the season Darryl Tregor was being interviewed on the show. He mentioned how he watches the show while wearing his robe. He hasn't lived that comment down since. Today he won an award for his 80's mustache and robe. Ever since that interview, every time I see him...I think of his robe comment and laugh to myself. That happened because of NHL Live!

Another Award recipient was Eddie Olyczyk. The prize was a certificate for one-half donut and an empty Starbucks coffee cup. Davis Payne won the Best Named Coach Award. Payne mentioned how he's always been a pain in the “you know what” and his wife is Nurse Payne. She always got ribbed for her bedside manner. “It runs in the family”.

Every show with Don & EJ provided hockey knowledge, insight and entertainment. Sometimes I laughed so hard, I cried. Hockey and humor...what a nice mixture.

I'm going to miss NHL Live! Ho Hummmm....

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