Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Don & EJ on NHL Live! 05/26/10

Today was a great show on NHL Live! It usually is when EJ Hradek & Don LaGreca are co-hosting the show,which is what happened today on the NHL Network. While recuperating from a arduous prior day, I had the chance to relax and watch the entire show today. Was I glad I did..:)

A couple of weeks ago, a viewer called in and told Don that his shirt was “ugly”. Ever since then, it's been a running joke on the show. Today, LaGreca commented about how self-conscious he is now about his shirts. And, he offered the alternative of taking his shirt off instead of having viewers complain. After receiving “NO!!”, he commented...”How do you know I don't have six-pack abs under here?” “I don't though, I have a keg.” Good one..:)

Another entertaining part of the show happened from Operations, otherwise known as Greg Baldinger. He developed a multiple-choice question for viewers to answer. The topic was which shirt would viewers vote to be the worst that Don's ever worn. There were five choices, with a pix of Don in each. Viewers were asked to tweet, email or text their choices in. Results will be revealed on next Tuesday's show.

It would be great to have Don & EJ back on a permanent basis. Knowing that it won't happen, it's still nice when it does occur.

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