Monday, February 22, 2010

Something Needs To Be Done..

After being so excited about the prospect of viewing all the top-notch NHL players in various Olympic games, I am currently disillusioned and totally disheartened. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

I knew the games were being broadcast on NBC. I also knew that entailed Pierre McGuire and Eddie Olcyzk (I don't care if I've spelled his name wrong anymore). I just thought that with as many games that were being played, I wouldn't have to be resigned to listening to them so much.

So....Russia V Czech Republic game comes on. Pierre's between the benches, Eddie O in the booth. Doc Emrick is doing play-by-play. (I love listening to that guy. He does the sport justice. I only wish he would stop asking McGuire questions. That only leaves a wide open area for McGuire's mouth to start flapping away.) Then it started and stayed the entire game. The incessant talking, talking, talking centered upon the color “analysts” and not the game. (Was there a game being played? Gee...was that what was going on on the ice?) was time for the Canada V USA game. I'm thrilled (and turns out...delusional) that those two color analysts weren't going to be doing that game. I kind of couldn't figure out why, though. The game was much tauted by the media. Why wouldn't those NBC announcers be doing the game? I switched onto MSNBC and got into place for a great game.

Pierre McGuire wasn't at the game, thank God for that. Eddie O was, though. And we had to hear about goals that were scored two minutes ago being analyzed and chalk- boarded every which way WHILE THE GAME WAS GOING ON!!!! Instead of enjoying the goal and relishing in it...we had to listen to Eddie O talking nonstop about the goalie, the goal, the defensemen, the offense, the time of the goal, the goal area, the goal crease, the goal angle, the stick angle, etc....It totally took the fun and life out of the moment. No longer were we part of the crowd relishing in the moment and being caught up in the game's excitement. No...we couldn't hear ANYTHING but Eddie O flapping his jaws about what he considers “entertainment”. And, he didn't stop once the puck was dropped. No...he had to keep talking and talking and talking. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I turn on the MUTE, what fun is that??

It's pretty bad when instead of relaxing and enjoying the game for what it is...entertainment...I end up yelling at the television “SHUT UPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I'm surprised by neighbors didn't call the cops on me.

So...after Team Canada V Team USA game's time for the Finland V Sweden game. Cool! I'm excited about seeing this game. Once again, top quality players that are entertaining to the max.

Then I find out that Ed Arnold (who is that guy?) and Joe Michelletti are the announcers. Oh no. I've been exposed to these two before. I was not left with a favorable impression. The game starts. Michelletti is WORSE THAN OLCYZK!!!!! I got so tired of pressing the MUTE that I started developing carpal tunnel syndrome. It was absolutely ridiculous. I did not have a chance at all to enjoy that game. Instead of being thrilled by the high-skill level involved of the athletes during the game, I had to resign myself to not even watching the entire game. What a shame.

Since when has televised hockey become a color announcer's dream at the expense of the game? Don't the fans matter? And, don't tell me that listening to these guys is entertainment. It's not. Who told these guys that their job consisted of nonstop narration DURING THE PLAYS? The game itself has turned into nothing but a backdrop to the incessant jaw-flapping that goes on. Leave the play-by-play announcers ALONE TO DO THEIR JOB.

I feel sorry for people who have never been to a live hockey game. Or, for fans who want to become interested in hockey and watch NBC for the exposure. If their only exposure to the game is what is seen via NBC, what a shame. Those announcers do not do the sport justice at all.

If it continues, I can see the sport viewership suffering.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Hockey

Hoping others had a chance to watch some GREAT men's hockey last night (Thursday, February 18). Both games went into a shoot-out. Both games were hockey at its best.

The first game involved Team Canada. That game was narrated by Eddie O and Doc Emrick. I love Doc Emrick. Eddie O just talks WAY TOO MUCH!!

The second game was between Slovakia and Russia. I don't know the name of the broadcasters.....but they were fantastic. It was an old-timer hockey broadcast. No extra talk. No b.s. Just reporting the game. If only this could carry over to the American market place.

Monday, February 8, 2010


It was great seeing and hearing Mike Milbury tell Pierre McGuire.."don't interrupt me. Put a sock in that hole." Wish more people would speak that way to Pierre.

This happened during the second intermission of the NBC NHL Game of the Week. Washington Capitals V Pittsburgh Penguins.

Great game!!


It was great seeing and hearing Mike Milbury tell Pierre McGuire.."don't interrupt me. Put a sock in that hole." Wish more people would speak that way to Pierre.

This happened during the second intermission of the NBC NHL Game of the Week. Washington Capitals V Pittsburgh Penguins.

Great game!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

NHL Live! concerns

When I first started watching the show, it was great entertainment and hockey information. EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca were the co-hosts. The show was a total joy to watch. Then..EJ left. LaGreca left…

The NHL season started this year (2009-2010 season) with both EJ and Don back. It was great. However…

Now we (viewers) don’t know who the hosts will be. Personally, I don’t get much enjoyment out of listening to Stan Fischler. I understand he’s popular with the New York crowd, however.

Rob Simpson, for some reason, just doesn’t cut it for me. EJ can come up with some good ones, but he’s not on all the time. Deb Placey is knowledgeable, but she interrupts people too often. (She has gotten better, though).

I turn NHL Live! on, but it’s mainly as a background. (It used to be my main focus for the entire NHL Network broadcast). It’s not that entertaining anymore. The screen is just far too difficult for me to read, as I mentioned in a previous post.

When I see someone interesting come on, I’ll watch. I missed someone from Versus on the other day, however. I wonder if they were discussing the fiasco with DirecTV. It better be worked out by the time playoffs come around. I’m already ticked off about the current situation.

It’s a shame….

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

CBJ News

Ken Hitchcock is out as head coach for Columbus Blue Jackets effective today, 01/03/10. Source: NHL Network