Monday, December 14, 2009

What's Up With NHL Live!?

I’ve been hoping that things would straighten out, so I haven’t said anything. It’s reached the point, however, where it is affecting my hockey news. That has to stop.


It is difficult to read anything. Whenever someone is either in-studio (Bill Daly of the NHL) just finished an interview. (By the way, he was asked what the scoop is regarding Versus, DirecTV and the NHL. Answer…they’re working on it. Give us something more useful. The situation is unacceptable to us hockey fans who are paying extra to watch hockey!) Back to the preposterous screen format of NHL Live!…I could not read his (Daly’s) name or title on the screen. IT IS SO UNBELIEVABLY SMALL!!!!!! I, luckily, knew who he was. Viewers who were not aware of that, however, would be STRUGGLING to read what is printed on the screen.

The three players of the week were mentioned at the beginning of the show. I wanted to be certain I got the name spellings correct. I COULD NOT READ THE INFORMATION!!@??!! This is so obnoxious.

What is the purpose of having a SMALL in-studio screen surrounded by ridiculously distracting sidebars? What are we supposed to be doing? Reading the information or listening to the hockey talk? Can’t do both. One takes away from the other. Recently, there has even been LONG quotes printed on the right sidebar. WHO CAN READ THEM????!!!! WHAT THE BLAZES IS GOING ON??!!

Plus, what’s the purpose of reading hockey stats and news if we are trying to listen to what is being said by the in-studio personnel. Today, it is Don and EJ. I was thrilled to find out the two were together today. I was thrilled, that is, until I saw the screen format. Now I HAVE A HEADACHE!!!

If anyone has any insight into why this totally user-unfriendly format is being used, kindly share with us.

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