Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NHL Opening Day belongs in North America..

The opening day of the Detroit Red Wings season began in Sweden. The Wings have five players from Sweden. I think it is great that the NHL is increasing their international exposure. Really, I do. However....

Call me old fashioned, but I believe that opening day needs to be in North America. Preseason games could be in international countries, no problem. That would still give the NHL great exposure. And, it would give NHL teams and fans some novelty.

I am curious as to the intricacies of the financial arrangement is. Do the international hosts pitch in towards the NHL player salaries? If so, I could see how an international game on opening day would be warranted. That doesn't mean I agree with it, though. Call it opening day for international hockey, not the NHL's opening day.
Do international hosts split the game revenues with the NHL? If so, how...what percentage?

Anyone have any insight? If so, kindly share. I'll research further since I love doing research and this gives me an outlet. :)

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