Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hockey for Dummies

NHL Live! (broadcast on the NHL Network and XM/Sirius Radio) is usually an informative show, but the other day an idea was presented that sounded great. Billy Jaffe, former NHL player and current New York Islanders commentator, mentioned a way to get others interested in the sport of hockey.

First, the team would sell a “beginner's package” consisting of three games in three different sections of the arena. The first game would have the fan seated in the middle section of seats. That way, they could get a feel for the game while feeling part of the action.

The second game would be in the lower seat section. Sitting here would allow the fan to really get into the game while hearing the players and “smelling the blood”.

The third game would have the fan sitting in the upper section, or..”nose bleed seats”. This would give the fan an overall view of the game while allowing them to see how everything ties together.

The beginning fan would be accompanied on each of these three games by an experienced hockey fan, or an expert in the sport.

Doesn't that sound like a great way to get someone introduced to the sport of ice hockey? I think so.

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